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We go Beyond the Mat

Our hands-on approach goes beyond furthering a pose – It is a philosophy and what we feel the most effective way to help a student grow in their practice, understand body awareness as well as the mind/body connection. All of which encompasses the very essence of yoga.

Come and connect to a deeper state of mind, replenish yourself from the inside out to reveal the optimal version of you.

Your invited join us for a class in a sacred space to grow your practice. Private one-on-one and group classes are available upon request. Please fill out the contact form on the home page to learn more.

Om Nama Shivaya!



Additional Modalities

- Stretch Therapy: specific stretches designed to meet an individual's needs by addressing problem areas and targeting specific muscle groups.

- Anatomical MovementA focus on alignment and body awareness to improve mobility, joint function and overall well-being.

- Pain Management: Pre/post surgery readiness prepares individuals both mentally and physically.

- Somatic Awareness: This body centered therapy focuses on the body/mind connection and provides benefit for mental health, trauma, circulation, addiction and stress management.

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